Algo trading- 60% of the trading during the COVID-19 was Algo, times are changing?

by Morgan Rachford

What is Algorithmic Trading?

Algorithmic trading is the process of executing an order using automated, pre-programmed trading instructions to calculate variables such as price, time, and volume. An algorithm is a set of troubleshooting instructions. Computer algorithms send small parts of the entire order to market over time.

Algorithmic trading uses complex formulas combined with mathematical models and human supervision to make decisions about buying or selling securities on the stock market. Algorithmic traders often use high-frequency trading technology, which can allow a company to perform tens of thousands of transactions per second. Algorithmic trading can be used in a wide range of situations, including order execution, arbitrage, and trend trading strategies.

The top 10 leading ALGO trading companies in the world

1. Lime Brokerage

Lime Brokerage helps in the trading arena, with an innovative combat-proven trading platform that breaks down all the obstacles encountered by conventional trading tools. Lime’s trading systems offer unmatched reliability and scalability with extremely low latency. In addition to technology, the strength of the company lies in its top technologist who possesses deep expertise and professionalism for the delivery of high quality solutions. In addition, the company represents Lime Gateway, a platform designed to meet market access rules. Lime Brokerage offers its clients the perfect combination of professionalism, expertise and the ability to respond to very complex financial scenarios, all together supporting an automated trading platform.

2. PriceSeries

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, priceSeries is a company identification algorithm company that provides business research for U.S. markets. Users can take advantage of the flexible architecture of their software to combine different things. with their algorithms to meet their needs. , PriceSeries TradeVisor helps its customers make a steady profit by providing a daily stop loss where they sell stocks as soon as they fall below a certain point. MACDVisor demonstrates the status of 500 reliable S&P stocks in near real time, helping customers make better trading decisions.

3. QuantConnect

Founded in 2011, QuantConnect offers an open source algorithmic trading platform, providing more than 90,000 quanta with access to financial data, cloud computing and an encryption environment for creating algorithms. The company’s platform allows users to develop business strategies in Python and C #, perform backups, and quickly deploy them to corporate accounts.

The global company has also taken a revolutionary approach to alpha research, enabling proprietary business assets to research and license alpha through APIs. QuantConnect’s trading platform trades at unparalleled speed with robust, secure and fast execution of active trading algorithms.

4. InnerBrokers

Founded in Switzerland in 2016, InnerBrokers has been growing its business and is currently serving over 75 market destinations worldwide through its broker-dealer agency business. The company maintains its headquarters in Sydney and Switzerland as well. InnerBrokers, along with its dealers and affiliates, executes 250,000 trades per day, and offers a wide range of electronically traded products, including stocks, bonds, options, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, futures, forex, and funds. It also provides leverage to the customers who want to trade in CFDs.

Because of its innovative and customer-friendly services, it has been able to climb to the number four spot in the top-ten list of brokers in a span of just four years.

5. WaveBasis

New York-based WaveBasis was founded in 2015 to develop Elliott Wave’s technical analysis and automated sample detection software platform. The company offers innovative tools specifically designed for analysts and wave traders, with advanced features such as pattern editing that automatically determines the high probability of Elliott wave counting. WaveBasis unique analysis tools help identify potential low-risk business opportunities and unlock keys for risk-based real-time pricing management systems. The company makes it easier and more efficient for its customers to use the power of Elliott Waves in the store.

6. Algo Logic Systems

Founded in 2009, Algo-Logic Systems focuses on mapping network algorithms inside hardware logic. The company offers advanced products that increase packet processing performance in the data center, reduce in-memory database latency, and process data for real-time transmission from connected sensors. Fully programmable gateware enables high-level computing, and FPGA devices provide high-performance flexibility. The company helps design, test and implement the weakest algorithms to accelerate financial and business operations. The company also offers the best industry solution for pre-market risk checking for safety and compliance testing.

7. FlexTrade

FlexTrade develops a range of innovative and integrated trading solutions for its customers, enabling them to perform each trade in an optimal way and get the best execution of the strategy without

interruption. FlexTrade Systems offers the best order management and order management systems in the stock, currency, options, futures and bond markets. The company’s neutral trading execution management system allows its clients to control and customize proprietary

algorithms and maintain the confidentiality of their trading strategies. The company enables experts and industry representatives in all regions of operation to work with their customers and improve business results.

8. Pepperstone

Pepperstone is an online broker for CFDs and Forex that offers low priced currencies, CFDs, cryptocurrencies and commodities. Founded in 2010, the company aims to improve online business with cutting-edge technology around the world. The company strives to offer low-cost online trading solutions and flexible financing options for choosing account types. For currency trading, the company uses multiple liquidity providers and external price sources to ensure competitive quotes and low differences across a range of asset classes and instruments. The company’s innovative initiatives help its clients achieve their goals by improving their business strategies.

9. Refinitiv

Refinitive offers a data infrastructure and financial markets around the world. The company provides insight, insight and technology to drive innovation and improve the performance of its clients in the global financial market. Refinitive enables the business community to overcome regulatory challenges, negotiate smartly and quickly, and become smart. The company helps clients discover and analyze business opportunities, develop strategies, and generate great business ideas. Refinitive’s innovative trading solutions provide users with access to powerful data, news and analysis, as well as an understanding of market situations through the analysis of market and economic data.

10. The Python Quants

Provides python platform and financial analysis training for standardized python deployment and artificial intelligence strategies.

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