What is Fastly? Analysts say the best-performing tech stock during the pandemic may still have room to run

by Edith Kaydence

Zoom has been dethroned.

While the videoconferencing company we’ve no doubt all used in the past three months has seen a massive 159% rally since its Feb. 19 market peak, Fastly, a cloud computing services provider, has gained over 222% in the same time frame—and now clinches the title of the best-performing work-from-home stock during the pandemic.

For most people, Credit Suisse’s Brad Zelnick argues, Fastly “was lost in the shuffle a little bit.” But now, it’s certainly “come to the forefront.”

Fastly is a content delivery network (CDN) company that helps users view digital content more quickly. The company also provides security, video delivery, and so-called edge computing services. Some of its biggest customers? Heavy hitters like Slack, Airbnb, Spotify, and Stripe, to name a few.

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